Tuesday, June 24, 2014


HUGE BREAKING NEWS!!! Just received my own official radio show website from Youngevity. Basically, you can listen to Doctor Joel Wallach's radio show entitled Dead Doctors Don't Lie from my site and his radio show archives 24/7 and search his huge database of past shows for a specific illness or disease that you would like addressed. Click on that link and bam, you'll have the past radio show where he talks about it and recommends supplements to take for that specific condition and a link to buy the specific products he recommends from me. Now, something you should know, l'm a walking testimony of taking nutritional supplements daily to treat a condition (took a year of trial and error but I got the line of supplements I need down to a science, no prescription involved) and having all the success doing so. I'm not ashamed to say this and because of my success, I feel a calling to steer others in the right direction. This site is the key to that and a dream come true because even before the Dr Joel Wallach's radio affiliate announced this, I was searching for a way to get Dr Wallach's message out in this way by simply sending people a link to hear this brilliant Doc speak about the benefits of nutritional supplementation. I'm so serious about this that my site also has my telephone number and email address so you can contact me and ask any question you want. Best Regards and best of luck!  Click the link to listen: http://deaddoctorsradio.com/100916152 


  1. I was searching Dr Wallach's radio show entitled Dead Doctors Don't Lie. Thanks a lot for uploading this radio show on your blog.

  2. No problem Kody! If you have any questions or want to be a distributor of Dr Wallach's Youngevity products that he talks about on his radio show don't hesitate to contact me with my info on that radio show link. Or, you can just go ahead and sign up right here: https://energy2live.my90forlife.com/customerenroll/join.html?ProfileID=5303682

    Best Regards,
    Youngevity Matt